Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Friday, April 29, 2016

Manam dharpanam

Manam dharpanam
Look into the mirror
It doesnt make impressions
U leave the mirror.. the image too leaves.
U get back to check this -
U will see the image too is checking your presence.
These are the ways of thoughts
You get back to your thoughts and it reflects. Thoughts are reflections. It is in you only when you think of it.
That is what
Sankara says
Manam Dharpana Samaanam

Truth is light

Truth is light

Truth is like light.
False is like darkness.
Laearning is light
Ignorance is darkness
We can light-up to make darkness into light.
We can argue to make false into truth.
Learn to get away from ignorance.
We can't make light into darkness by any means.
We can't make truth into false by any means.
Can't leave learning to be ignorant.