Monday, March 3, 2008

Motivation , Stress Management, Communication and Inter Personal Relation

My Method - You Prepare
I do not teach academically. People need to relax and have an enjoyable experience and try things out for themselves in order not just to learn effectively, but also to be able to put what they have learned into effect.
I believe in an attitude of curiosity, openness and adventure, and a way of being able to find out what works in people's minds in order for them to be able to get the best out of life. As each person is different, I enable each one to discover what works best for them.
Therefore get ready with questions for us to discuss. Make it more interactive. Let the learning with me be more of experiential rather than academic.
In Organizational Behaviour, the three components are Self, Team and Organizational System. The Human element in this aspect is the Self and the Team. Human is important because the Organizational System is evolved by the performance of the individuals over a period of time.
Self is flow through Motivation, Confidence, Values, Stress, Time etc..
The Team / Group is managed by the Communication Skill and Inter Personal Relationship etc.
Motivation & Personal Confidence
Any Performance depends on the Motivation, Skill and the Opportunity. The opportunity and the Skill are very much dependent on the Motivation and Personal Confidence.
All of us are motivated externally and internally if and have confidence, though all of us could probably benefit from being more motivated and confident in at least some situations. True confidence is based on knowing that you can achieve what you need and want to, and also, very importantly, being able to deal with challenging situations in a resourceful and positive way. It means that instead of being at the mercy of our emotions, we can have our emotions supporting us.
• Feel Good!
• Manage the mind to creates good feelings and moods
• Deal with negative emotions
• Manage Stress
• Prevent, defuse and overcome tension
• Detach from and rise above problems
• Build confidence and
• Motivate yourself.
Stress Management
Many believe that their job is extremely stressful and that their work related stress was making them physically ill. Stress has been specifically implicated in heart disease, eating disorders, stroke, insomnia, ulcers, accident proneness, cancer, decreased immunity, chronic headaches, diabetes, depression, substance abuse, chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue. In fact, estimates are that 50 to 80% of all physical disorders have psychosomatic or stress related origins.
The personal and interpersonal management skills are foundation to the coping strategies to overcome stress.
Major issue for stress is bad time management (As commonly said). But it is not Time that is to be managed and neither stress. The management of activity will lower tension and prevent the risk.
For those often essential individuals who have put too much effort for too long into what they sensed was vital activity; pushing themselves beyond the threshold of efficiency are bound to have stress / tension. Burnout does not happen to those who are never committed.
Have stressed people in the organization. Enable them to relax. So that they can far more rapidly recuperate their energies. Once they are recovered, help them re-asses their vision, review their strategies, learn new responses and regain their enthusiasm to take on their tasks more satisfyingly and efficiently.
Communication Skills & Inter Personal Relationship
One may have to interact with dissatisfied, frustrated, irate, disgruntled, impatient and sometimes abusive people around him.
It is not just enough dealing in demanding situations with other people, it is also getting people to trust you, to feel good about you and to feel wonderful themselves. It is about being able to see the other person's point of view in a way that makes it far easier to get them to see yours. It is about being able to encourage, inspire and motivate others to assist you in getting what you want in a way that also gets them what they want.
Good Skill is the mastery over
• The subtle secrets of rapport
• Getting people's attention
• Respectful assertiveness and how to take over the lead
• Handling difficult people
• How to detach and avoid taking things personally
• How to see things from the other person's point of view
• Put your own point of view across more effectively, but politely
• Create a 'Win-Win' situation,
• Willing to be unreasonable.
• How to make people feel good
• Inspire and motivate others
• Simple skills on letter / word / telephone / email / sms etc.
• Simple yet surprising language patterns
• Better communication / clean and clear words
• Reading people
• Clarifying communication
• Why people assume so much and how to constructively challenge their assumptions
• The structure and language of influence
• Body Language
Each and every individual in the organization have to feel to raise from existence through recognition to growth. Feel for the increase in effectiveness of the organization, so that the best of the resource can satisfy the needs of the organization for which it is created. Concern should be on performance improvement, capacity development and adaption to the changing environment. Methods of yester years are inadequate for problems of tomorrow.
Dr T P Sasikumar
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Radhika Nair said...

My personal opinion is that confidence and motivation complement each other. Confidence buds from motivation n vice verse.

Arun said...

Having a spiritual attitude to life goes a long way in reducing stress and improving interpersonal relationship. By concentrating on the four Purusharthas of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha man can get rid of imaginary needs. This will go a long way in reducing stress.

If we realize that the same spirit dwells in everyone our attitude to "others" automatically changes. We become more sensitive to their feelings and compassionate. This will help in improving interpersonal relationship. Man is unnecessarily making life complicated. He is running without knowing his goal. That is why there is so much chaos and confusion in the world.

Kunal said...

i think it is not a foreign quote---
"it doesn't matter what you were
it matters what you are"

aldrin james said...

I agree to Radhika Nair. Confident and motivation complement each other. It will going to help you fight stress.

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