Wednesday, February 18, 2009


SORRY Vs. No Problem !!

I got into a house with lot of little ones around being in a sathsang arranged by one of my friend.
One little girl, say Shraddha got hurt by the other little one, say Ritwi.
That was just an accident and the little Shraddha got only hurt la bit.

Ritwin must be feeling bad about this, quite natural..

All elders in the group started to Ritwi, ‘Say Sorry’

Ritwi was feeling hurt,
Ego up.
Cheeks reddish,
Stood like a guilty..
Didn’t move,
Face down !!

Children became still..

I was an odd, outsider and felt out of place.

I called the crying Shraddha and saw the lips, with little blood..

Told her,,
Close your lips.. it will just will be okay.
Not very much..
She became quit..
I told her..
Now you could be the smart girl among all, do u need to be?

She was happy..
I asked her to go to Ritwi and say
‘No problem, I am your friend, it doesn’t matter’

She did so cool, natural, involved..

Ritwi instantly said sorry..
All the elders started saying
‘See Shraddha, what a wonderful girl, she is so cute, even when got hurt, says NO PROBLEM.’

Shraddha was seeing me with tilted face.
I smiled at her.
She felt great.
All pain gone.
She is the
I-cone of the day..

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Archit said...

good evening sir!
i m really a big fan of you..esp. after ur class at Translam Academy Int.,Meerut,yesterday.....

sir i m really moved by ur thoughts ur strategies and all that...

i wnt to ask u a ques....
wat u hav to say abt a teenager or a younger son or brother apne parents or eldrs ki wrong deeds ko unhe bata kar improvemnt karne k liye insist kr raha ho but gets a negative response from them...

is the son is wrong or his feelings??
plz answer this...