Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The ache / pain inside / self need to be cured through the spirituality prescription.

If one needs to be really a human being, he need to grow. The growth need to be in physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. The time the all round development does not happen he deemed to be dull.

The grief is to be released through cry. The person gets relief after a good cry. But this should not be a habit. How many can afford crying? It is a gift to have the habit of crying.

A curative comfort can be obtained from the faith in God, Guru, etc. or Enjoying Nature, a bath, nice view, good music, discussing with some close friend.

Knowledge (jnanam) is one of self and of the environment. The analysis of the knowledge and taking all its benefit for the life to be beautiful is the ability of a human being. This knowledge should be used in the proper way. May be not having this knowledge is better than using the knowledge in the improper way.

aahaara nidraa bhaya maithhunaani
samaani chaithaani nr^Naam paSuunaam
jnaanam naraaNaamadhikO viSEshO
jnaanEna hiinaaH paSubhi samaanaaH

Be a human being. Being human is the way to be a human being.

Serve others and keep them happy for you to be happy. Serving God means serving and making others happy.

yEna kEna prakaarENa
yasya kasyaapi dEhinaha
santhOsham janayEth praajna:
thadEva iiSvara puujanam

For the help you have rendered never ask any return help. It is as you are expecting the other person into trouble.

mayyEva-jiirNathaam yaanthu
yathvayOpakr^tham harE
nara: prathyupakaaraarthhi
vipaththim abhikaamkshyathi

Helping with expecting a return also will give pain as they may not respond the way one expects.

In the higher frequency everything will look transparent. The example of the fan is enough to understand this.

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