Thursday, February 10, 2011


Kirlian Photography is a valuable tool that provides photographs, video, or computer images of energy flow. Energy Works has developed what we believe to be the best equipment on the market. Now you can:


  • Graphically illustrate the effectiveness of health treatments with before and after Kirlian photos
  • Monitor change over time
  • Visually monitor meridian system activity
  • Observe the energy flow (or lack of it) between people
  • Show how specific thoughts and emotions affect the psycho-physical system
  • Make the connection between mind, body, and energy obvious to your clients
  • Observe ability to consciously affect the bodies energy
  • Observe the Kirlian aura of plants, animals, crystals, foods, and more

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manoj said...

i not understood anthing sir? how to understand ,but it will be interesting