Thursday, July 28, 2011

Indian-assembled watches at HMT Bangalore, 1961 - July 27:

Indian-assembled watches at HMT

Bangalore, 1961 - July 27: Prime Minister Nehru will release the first batch of Indian-as-sembled watches at the Hindustan Mach-ine Tools factory here tomorrow.

The batch, consisting of 800 watches 500 ladies and 300 gents — were assembled by trainees while they were being trained to man the new watch factory, which is being set up as an auxiliary of the HMT. The venture is in technical collaboration with the citizens watch company of Japan. There are already 52 Indian engineers undergoing training in Japan. Mr M.K. Mathulla, chairman and managing director of the HMT, told pressmen this morning that they had not yet decided whether to put the first batch of watches on the market. Assembly of the watches, he said, had begun a fortnight back.

The gents watches would be called “HMT citizen” and the ladies watches “Sujata”, Mr Mathulla said. One of the gents watches would be presented to the Prime Minister, he added. The Prime Minister’s main engagement in Bangalore is the opening of the second factory.

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