Thursday, May 31, 2012

 SARI : When u have faith in someone absolutely,
there is no room for complaints;  correct ?

DrTPS :  Absolute ? Full faith? what is full?
Do faith gets increasing as one interacts ?
.. so always have scope to fill more..
As the relation become more;  interaction increases. .. Relation builds-up space for faith.
Most of the time it finds difficult to fulfill the SPACE of FAITH.


SARI : Sir can u love any person more than ur own self..
DrTPS :  ME? or general?
SARI : general
DrTPS :  At times.. But Difficult.. Not always.. Not Everybody.. NOT for longer time too..
if this can be for a little longer.. with some one -- great is the relation !!
    • heart throbs for them then !!

SARI : so it is possible?
DrTPS :  with some people.. at least for some one at some time a few could have experienced.. rare are such chances in LIFE to experience this kind of love..
with someone.. seen / unseen.. when emotional frequency matches..  relations becomes bold.
    • but at times physical / intellectual / emotional spiritual / social (5 – fold) may not match !! and gets too much demanding.
SARI : well said ..
    • it is a wonderful experience just talking to u and reading ur thoughts & views...
DrTPS :  Mother loves her kid with unconditional love - ready for anything – more than self.
But as the child grows, mother demands more from the child in learning skills and social behavior. This may reduce love. ..
Teen pair love each-other fully unconditional. This could be a love due to Physical.
Mothers love to kid is emotional.
Someone may attract love of others due for Social – by people of fame like film stars
A Professor gets the love and attraction due to the intellectual strength.
Spiritual man gets the love for his spiritual strength and gets lot of followers around.
-     Again demand on mutual attraction on any one parameter out of five  (5-fold) can be in question as time and space changes.
Thus one who loves other more than self is time and space dependent.