Saturday, July 28, 2012


WATER around the EARTH
SUN stir it and sucks out with its RAYS as strew
CLOUD is what is that is the ENERGY assimilated in the free mental SPACE
CLOUD is unable to THINK as it is in DARK deep SORROW
LIGHTNING THOUGHTS are the result of the meeting of these CLOUDY ideas
CLOUDY ideas gets its expression of words as THUNDER
It SHOWERS its wisdom around EARTH.
Water on Earth is muddy and dirty
Sun as it heats up and evaporates it is pure
Thoughts per say in Space is NOT bad, it is PURE though seen DARK.
But as it falls down it is PEARL – Bright – DROPS.
Clear MANAS is the SPACE that  holds DARK – CLOUDY – BAD  thoughts
But the OUTPUT
– what comes out is CLEAR – SPARKS – SWEET – CHILL –
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Different LIFE

It is easy to LIVE a LIFE ...
A LIFE without Proof that you LIVED..
To make a LIFE that makes a DIFFERENCE..
A LIFE that makes a DIFFERENCE to at least a few around YOU..
You need to be different in LIFE..
Different in Thinking..
Constant Persuasion, being in a group that thinks in same line..
that is essential..
Essential to be DIFFERENT in LIFE..