Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DEEPA - Lamp - Light - OIL

Today Deepa came to me
she wanted to go for a audition for a famous TV channel
I know she will not be able to make it and will be a great looser in TIME / CASH
Her family is not supportive...
many young people are wasting time on this for which SMS is the BIG Business.
May be DoT has to make the Receiving LIMIT too...
I was asking Deepa, meaning of her name !
She said LAMP.
I explained..
Not Lamp
But Wick - Not Wick.
But the Flame.. Flame is that of BURNING..
Burning OIL.
So Deepa is OIL.
If the Oil is the fuel ...
that if it is Petrol --- It will burn to make bombading-flame and confusion
BUT.. good OIL is that burns with silent / cool / light around / Productive / Smooth / Bright / Soothing / etc....
So Deepa is that symbol..
HAS TO BE - --- NOT FLAIR Around....
BUT be a DEEPA,,,,

She decided to read and LEARN .. be with gracious .... WISDOM..
I am happy with no pain of skipping dirty audition game ... that may GIVE a FLAME of Fame....
SHE is into LEARNING to Learn to make LIFE a Step of Progress.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

DrTPS's Creative Quotes

Familiarity Breeds ........... ?
OLD Saying
Familiarity breeds contempt
NEW saying (DrTPS)
Familiarity breeds LOVE.
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